Telecom Consultants in London

Based in London UK, our consultants will provide you with solutions and services for the telecom industry, contact us for a free appraisal.

Company profile:

Providing Consultants for Technical Engineering and any Telecom Project, equipped with a commanding track record in Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Maintenance and of telecom and related technologies.


Telecom Consultants for Design and planning: We are skilled in creating design specifications, gaining approval, validating design details, studying project requirements, selecting the best configuration and materials and applying theory to performance assessment.

Telecommunication Innovation: Our consultants have the ability to think outside the box and interpret vision in the creation and development of new products that will achieve specific business objectives.

Analysis: Experienced consultants in analyzing test data and interpreting findings into conclusions regarding performance and quality that will fuel decisions and recommendations.

Telecom Development: Consultancy in how to utilize computer and electromagnetic simulation tools and equipment when required to develop prototypes.

Consultant Support: We can advice in how to advocate of leading by example and providing staff with the technical support and supervision necessary to perform effectively.

Telecom Consultancy for Trouble-shooting: Accustomed to identifying telecom products faults, providing root cause analysis to fuel preventative measures.

Budgetary control for the Telecom Industry: Consult us if you need to be effective in establishing and controlling project budgets, investigating part alternatives to ensure best deals are secured.

Relationship Management: Our consultant team can advise you in how to develop and harvest successful relationships internally and externally at all levels, adjusting approaches to interaction to reflect the diversity of an audience.

Meeting deadlines for our Consulting Services: We employ exemplary time management and prioritising tactics to ensure both interim and overall deadlines are not exceeded.

Technical Telecom Training: Rely on our consultants and comfortably provide your team with a one-to-one training and support for production and engineering staff for most of jobs within the company.

Technical Consultant Experience: We possess wide ranging knowledge of telecommunications industry and related products including broadcast, base station antennas and propagation, Tetra, multimedia, telephony (GSM/UMTS/3G), computing and wireless networks.

Information technology: Our staff is fully conversant with Windows and Linux systems, assembler & C++ programming, network TCP/IP and Wlan configuration.

Developing others: Successful in talent-spotting and identifying an individual’s potential and needs, then instigating appropriate training and development programs to enhance performance.


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